Looking for Taliban equivalents

May 3, 2012


Looking for Taliban equivalents. Bestowing artificial legitimacy on aliens? In a recent opinion piece, Mr Nadir Hassan has drawn parallels between the present-day Taliban and the resistance movements in the federally administrated tribal areas (FATA) in the remote past. The writer asserts that he does not condone the Taliban atrocities but, unfortunately, he appears to […]

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A Secular Madressah in Sindh

April 20, 2010


سندھ کا ’سیکیولر‘ مدرسہ ریاض سہیل بی بی سی اردو ڈاٹ کام کراچی ترقی اور تیزی کے ساتھ بدلتی سیاسی، سماجی اور معاشی صورتحال نے کراچی کے روشن ماضی کو دھندلا دیا ہے۔ برطانوی راج کے خلاف جب بھی تحریک چلیں، چاہے وہ سیاسی تھیں یا مسلح، ان کا مرکز ہندوستان کو بتایا جاتا ہے، […]

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Madrassah reforms : Does PPP want to nourish sectarianism?

March 14, 2010


Madrassah reforms : Does PPP want to nourish sectarianism? March 14th, 2010 Ali Arqam(Ist published at criticalppp.org) Here is a well written piece about Madrassah reforms by Saiful Islam Khalid. I found this piece in a weekly newspaper from Islamabad. It was in paper print, which I have composed and edited to post it for […]

میاں صاحب کا سیاسی سفر۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔علی ارقم درانی

March 3, 2010


پچھلی رات  میاں صاحب کے لاہور میں ایک انخابی جلسے میں تقریر کے بعد جب ان کی تقریر کے مندرجات ٹی وی چینلز کی اسکرین پر پٹیوں کی صورت چل رہے تھے۔اسی دوران جلسے کے انتظامات میں سرکاری مشینری کے بھرپور استعمال اور روشنی کے لئے چوری کی بجلی کے استعمال کی خبر بھی گاہے […]

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The National Language Debate

February 27, 2010


By Aliarqam Durrani Famous sindhi writer and urdu columnists Amar Jaleel who recently appeared on Vussatullah’s show on Dawn News Urdu Service started a debate by saying that Jinnah was drugged or cornered into making the speech in question somehow told Bengalis to outlaw Bengali language when he declared Urdu to be the state language […]

The battle of the ‘commons’ and (de)militarizing the Sri Lankan society

February 27, 2010


By Ali Arqam Durrani This rather long article about presidential elections in Sri Lanka was published in the South Asia Citizens Web (SACW). It seems relevant to the political stuggle for democratization of Pakistan. Sri Lanka had a long fight against organized terrorism, which was won after a long struggle of 30 years. The former […]

Afghanistan : Two Person from Opposite Sides but Same Story

February 9, 2010


By MIKHAIL GORBACHEV Published: February 4, 2010 http://www.nytimes.com/2010/02/05/opinion/05iht-edgorbachev.html?pagewanted=1 Afghanistan is in turmoil, with tensions rising and people dying every day. Many of them — including women, children and the elderly — have nothing in common with terrorists or militants. The government is losing control of its territory: of the 34 provinces, the Taliban controls a […]


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