We really felt embarrassed on the events happened at Gujra or any such events anywhere in Pakistan….
But one tthing I wanna mention (as I think so)
is that Gujra events cannot be tagged (only)under the slogan of discrimination with Maseehee brothers…The main behaviour behind it is the violant,extremists tendancies and sensationalism reagrding religious issues…As on the next day a factory owner and member of Tablighi Jamaat is also killed under the same charges….
Violant tendancies have unfortunately become our national characteristics…
I think peoples of Swat and the brothers of Maseehee community,Ehle Tashee and Ahmadiya Community have the same issues in this Country…
Plz dont alienate Maseehee Community from the aggrieved nation of Pakistan….
Here I remembered a video clip of rebuttal to Musharraf from an Indian muslim when he sympathised with them in his lecture.