PPP and MQM Coalition Govt. should take Notice of the issue.

40 women killed during May

HYDERABAD, SINDH: [SindhWeek.Com Report] Abbas Kassar, Coordinator of Peace and Human Rights Trust, Sindh, have issued an alarming reports on situation of women in Sindh, province of Pakistan. The report says that in month of May 2009, in Sindh province, 40 women were killed under honor killing, 20 women were gang raped, 43 women were kidnapped and 3 women were buried without coffin. The report elaborates that 175 men were also killed including killed in honor. The PHRT is a London based human right organization have chapters in Pakistan to watch human right situation.

Mr Kassar, a senior journalist and Coordinator of PHRT term this report “The human rights situation in Sindh is very alarming. Peace and Human Rights Trust has made a report for the month of May while reports of June and July is also ready to release” This is meant to open the eyes of rulers that they have failed to protect human rights of people especially of women.