By Aliarqam

Today when we are facing a devide at almost every aspect on almost everything from religious interpretations to political ideas, from personalities to  their concepts and thoughts, from hisrory to its interpretations and from educational policy to foriegn policy and from national issues to the Wars at our doorsteps.This devide is most of the times having extremes on every sides.

In our society  Qur’anic Ayaats, Ahadiths of the Prophet(saaw) and Iqbal verses are used as conclusive remarks most of the time crushing difference of opinion in every debates. When News Channels were condemning Jehadis and terrorists they were using Qura’nic Ayaats of  La Tufsidoo dil Arz  and a few days earlier At Talaat Husain Show Dr. Safdar(PML-N) was using Hadith in favour of his opinion and on objection from the host he said, “Musalman Ki tou siasat shuru hi Masjid se hoti hai”(politics of muslims start from the mosque) and in the same way  when the Nation was preached that Foriegn aid is a curse for them, famous Iqbal Verse are used “A Tair Lahotee Us Rizq Se Maut Achee Jis Rizq se Aati Ho Parvaz mey Kotahi”

Unfortunately as in Pakistan everyone has the right to quote and interpret Qura’n O Ahadiths for their own means and under their own slogan, in the same way whether its an honour or not but Iqbal Verse has the same status.

Interstingly Qazi Husain in every speech of him and every article appearing at the Newspapers has Verses of Iqbal Urdu and Persian quoted and interpreted and last week Hillary Clinton also praised Iqbal and visited his Tomb.

When we We as a nation has made everything disputed.In the same way personalities though respected but everyone has his own Context.