Operation Rah e Rast is said to be the most crucial step against militancy in Pakistan.On various forrums, as Pakteahouse etc I have supported the peace agreement with TNSM leaders though I have a point that nothing can satisfy Taliban except an authoritarian rule like Afghanistan in Taliban Era….

But the peace deal has exposed them and implementation of Nizam e Adal by the secular ANP will be a blow to the religious politics in Pashtoon areas…..

And the result is achieved as the religious parties have come openly in support of Taliban….Thus Taliban and JUI and JI have been exposed.

The most crucial and important aspect of the operation is the mass support to the Army Action and it is obviously due to the harsh comments  of TTP and TNSM leaderships after the agreement.

Peoples of Swat were of the opinion that Army and Taliban were the same, But the current operation has very possitive feedback from the people of Swat and this is the clear sign of winning this Battle against the monsters….

We the peoples of Swat appreciate  all the Officers and Soldiers of the Security forces, i.e Police FC and The Army